Our Story

During the fall of 2009, Rev. Shane Benjamin and Rev. Kevin Baker (Pastors of Asbury Temple UMC and Reconciliation UMC, respectively) shared ministry joys and challenges over lunch at a district pastor’s meeting. Perhaps half-jokingly, they mentioned the two congregations coming together to the then-District Superintendent, Rev. Gray Southern, who was immediately interested in the possibilities which could ensue. That conversation led to a series of discussions and reflections between the two congregations on shared missional priorities, shared need, and shared vision and dreams for future ministry.

After a year of meetings and dialogue, while recognizing similarities and acknowledging differences, Asbury Temple UMC and Reconciliation UMC voted to merge as New Creation United Methodist Church on April 10, 2011, with a shared vision to be a place of worship that would minister to and accept all people. New Creation continues to move forward in its quest to be a genuinely multiracial, multi-cultural congregation called to make a difference in the Durham community.

New Creation is a safe place where God builds bridges of love and forgiveness. We start our call to Mission as:

New Creation United Methodist Church is an intentionally integrated and welcoming community that seeks new life in Jesus Christ through radical discipleship, worship, reconciliation, hospitality and justice in our Durham community.

Come join us as we pursue our God-given mission as New Creation.